Dreams in every thread that I draw on spinning wheel. Simplicity at its best



Self reliance is one of the mantras which led our country towards freedom. Self reliance and self sustainability bring people together and boost the economy. India is a land of artists and artisans. There are endless forms of handlooms, handicrafts and many other products which are available only in India. Our aim is to encourage and improve the socio-economic status of the weavers as well as to provide best quality and experience to our customers with our wide range of products.

About Swadeshi:

Swadeshi is an initiative to promote and facilitate Indian handicraft , hand-loom and cuisines. This is an effort to associate society with our own culture and tradition. In the spirit of swadeshi, we bring to you Cheneta, Swaadh and Kala.

We started Chenetha in 2010 with clothes woven by local weavers and artisans. The

product range has now extended to homemade foods & artifacts also.

Swadeshi Initiatives:

?     Chenetha

?     We bring a range of high quality products made of handwoven fabrics which will suit both men and women for a variety of occasions be it formal or informal. The cloth and other materials are directly collected from weavers and designed and packed by the foundation to make the product cost effective for our customers.

?     Products : Leisure wear, Formal wear, Short and Long Kurtas (Both for Men and Women)

?     Swaadh

?     It is very difficult to find good quality authentic Indian traditional food for good rates. We started Swaadh to bring back those traditional authentic food which are very hard to find these days. We connected with several food enthusiasts, talented home makers, to bring wide range of traditional food to savour your taste buds.

?     Products :  Powders, Pickles, Organic Turmeric, Organic Kumkum, Home made Papads, Oramirapakaya etc.

?     Kala

?     To promote Indian handicrafts like kalamkari, kondapally , nirmal etc, we started Kala. We make Jute folders, bags, Indian handicrafts, cups, key chains , toys etc, which can be used for seminars, conferences, gifting, etc. We customize the products to suit the customer need.

?        Products : Indian handicrafts , string bags, files, cups, mugs, key chains, toys and folders


?     Share : Tell your friends about this initiative and urge them to be a part of it.

?     Bulk Orders for Corporate: We accept bulk orders for fests, conferences, seminars, events etc.

?     Awareness ;  Increase the awareness of khadi in the younger generations by taking up School

?     Partnership Program:  Organize ‘once a Week Wear the Freedom Fabric’.

?        Support : You can support this initiative by displaying the products at your home or workplace.