Yoga for All


Yoga is an ancient Indian science and includes physical, mental, and spiritual practices to attain peace of mind in order to experience one's true self. Yoga aims at all round fitness for the body, mind and the soul. For centuries, yoga has been a part of lives of Indians, and has been an integral part of our culture.

Today, as a result of modernization, our lifestyles have changed and we are used to comfort

of technological advancements for most of our activities. This has led to many serious lifestyle disorders which has created an imbalance in our life and in our body. Yoga works on the holistic principles of harmony and unification makes it a very powerful way to restore the imbalance of this fast paced environment.


About Nirvana:

‘Nirvana’ aims at creating awareness of yoga and its benefits. By creating awareness, this program strives to extend the benefits of yoga to people who feel they have no time for exercise and provide tips and diet plans to stay fit. We also focus on promoting the yogic way of living in day to day life. Relieve stress and find harmony in your life by improving physical, mental and emotional strength.

Evening Raga Initiatives:

?     5 Minutes a day for fitness:

?     This program is meant for people who have a hectic schedules. This program shows how it is possible to stay fit by doing very simple exercises for just five minutes a day. This is a 3 hour workshop, which is ideal for corporates, schools and colleges. The workshop will provide complete perspective on fitness, health and the yogic way of living. This workshop includes exercises which will give movement to entire body, the power of surya namaskars ( sun salutations), sample diet plans, techniques for relaxation and relief from stress.

?     Comprehensive Package on Body, Mind and Soul ( The Nirvana) :

?     Body Fitness: Exercises and Diet Tips : For Digestive disorders, Headache, Neck problems,Wrist pain,Back pain,Eye strain, Removing toxins etc., asanas..

?     Mind Fitness: Stress Management and Relaxation Tips. ATM (Anytime Two Minutes) relaxation techniques – right at your desks and Yogic breathing & stress management techniques), To reduce Stress, anxiety, fear, mental defilements, for peace and happiness.

?     Soul Fitness: Meditation for Bliss and harmony. Duration: One hour fifteen minutes for five days