Gurukulam - Teaching Art Forms


India is a land of rich and diverse culture. The various elements of its diverse culture includes dance, music, yoga ,architecture etc. Indian music particularly have had a profound impact across the world. Indian music finds its origin from Sama Veda and is believed to be a divine art form. It is very important to find a slot to devour and understand our cultural roots in a better manner by experiencing our various art, tradition and values and to preserve them for coming generations. 

About Gurukulam:

Gurukulam is an initiative of SF started in the year 2005 to promote Indian classical arts. The Objective of the initiative is to  Undertake, training and research in Indian cultural art forms.We have undertaken several teaching and research projects in this field and also have successfully provided many opportunities for teachers and researchers

At Gurukulam, the training methodology has been designed carefully by experts after meticulous research which has resulted in getting wonderful results from students. We strongly believe in providing high quality training for our students. The Gurukulam fosters a greater bond between the student and guru to ensure that an art form is learnt in the best way possible.

Journey so far:

Gurukulam has two centres in Hyd imparting training in Indian music, dance and slowly opening the doors for other Indian performing arts, languages, Vedic literature and sciences.
Gurukulam has trained hundreds of enthusiasts in Indian classical music, so far. We have undertaken research in music & arts, cognition, signal processing and other related technologies. We have developed 100 video tutorials on Carnatic violin fundamentals for four string devotees, available online for free on Youtube. We have offered music appreciation courses in premier institutes like IIIT.

Gurukulam Programs:

  • Training
    • We impart intensive training in Carnatic Music based on tested methodologies to get the best from the student. Gurukulam stands on the strong foundation of  highly passionate and experienced set of teachers. We are offering the course in various modes to ensure that maximum no of people benefit from this programme.Gurukulam Direct Classes : One can come and learn directly from our two Gurukulam centers in KPHB & Gachibowli. 
  • Gurukulam Online Classes
    • Students who cannot attend direct classes can enroll for online classes conducted through skype by Gurukulam Teachers
  • Gurukulam Offline Classes
    • If your busy schedule does not permit direct or online classes, you can pursue your passion by purchasing our tutorials available online or as CDs.
  • School Partnership

Consulting for Schools

  • Gurukulam in your school : 
    • In most schools, the quality of teaching in Indian art forms is poor.  Our expert gurukulam teachers will conduct classes in your school. This will help students to pursue their interest within the premises of their school instead of searching for a private coaching. 
  • Best Teacher, Curriculum & training for School :
    • There is a need to identify good teachers for imparting training in various indian art forms in schools. We partner with schools to identify talented and qualified teachers who can offer best training for school children. Also, we will help schools to design curriculums to enable students to achieve excellence in their chosen art form.
  • Awareness Sessions : 
    • We conduct music appreciation awareness sessions in Schools, colleges, Universities. This is an interactive programme to bring awareness about our music & culture to the masses. The programme aims to introduce the youth to our various Indian art forms.


  • Learn : Utilize this golden opportunity by Enrolling yourself or your children to learn music and Indian arts.
  • Share : Tell your friends about this initiative and urge them to be a part of it.
  • Promote : Promote this initiative by organizing a Music appreciation session
  • Volunteer : Be a volunteer for the project.
  • Gift a Child : Sponsor an underprivileged child to learn Music. Sponsor should pay 60% of Total Expenses and the remaining 40 % will be offered by Gurukulam in terms of service. Potential students will be selected through a selection process of gurukulam. Total Cost per child per year is 20k ( fees 18000 + 2000 material and other expenses) sponsor should pay 12k per which is 60 % of actual cost and the remaining will be borne by the gurukulam