Evening Raga - Experiencing the subtleties of an art

Evening Raga

Transcend to the mystical world of joy in music, revive your heart & soul


Indian classical music is a beautiful way to experience the cultural richness of India. It is soulful, melodious, and soothing. From years immemorial, this beautiful art form has been worshipped, learned and appreciated. It has been a source of respite, relaxation and reverence for humanity.

The Evening Raaga is a live concert for various occasions such as conference, seminar, festival, cultural celebration and state functions.

About Evening Raga:

Evening raga aims at bringing forth the real essence of Indian classical music so that everyone can appreciate the rhythm of this enchanting music.This initiative helps bring the fading classical music back to  people as well as sets the stage for lot of young musicians to showcase their talent. We have done almost 200 concerts with the help of Devandrone for various events and corporate functions..

Evening Raga Initiatives:

?     These concerts are suitable for:-

?     Corporates for their annual day functions/ outings, conferences. seminars etc

?     Gated Communities for their community celebrations and festivals

?     Universities / Schools / colleges for their functions, cultural fest, seminars etc

?     Private events like weddings, receptions etc.,

?     We also do Concert series in public to promote any products of a company


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?     Volunteer : Volunteer in promoting the Project

?     Sponsor : Sponsor a concert or a series of concerts

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